A Safe List is a special email list who's members all agree to receive ads from each other. Since everyone has to join, and verify their membership, it is also known as an Opt-In list and cannot be considered spam.

Many people do not read their safelist email, but some people use safelists when looking for new programs, and they are great recruitment tools if you use them often enough. Repeat exposure to an ad increases interest and a belief that the opportunity is popular and stable.

There are two basic types of safelists: Free and Paid. Most of the Paid lists have a free option. We'll be supplying you later on with a list of free safelists. The free option is great to start out with. This will allow you to get a really good handle on how these safelists work. Now there are some limitations to a free account. For example, most free accounts will only allow you to send out ads to members once a week, or to only a select few of the entire database. By upgrading to the list's Paid option, you would be allowed to send ads once a day. It is a good idea to join as many paid lists as you can afford. Those you cannot afford, join with the free option until you can afford to upgrade.

Once you join a safelist, you will begin to receive a lot of emails! The amount you receive will depend upon the number of members there are on the safelists you subscribe to. The more members there are the more people you can get your ad out to but more people to receive ads from as well. How many emails you receive per day is dependent upon how many ads are posted. Because of this, it is suggested that you DO NOT use your normal email account when joining safelists. We will show you how to set up multiple email accounts that will automatially delete a great deal of the safelist email you'd be receiving.

The first rule of safelists is no bouncing emails! For this reason you will need to establish multiple email accounts. As a rule of thumb, we recommend about 50 safelists per account.

First you need to use f'ree e-mail accounts which have deletion filters. Note: some safelists do not accept subscribtions with Hotmail and some other email addresses. At the time of writing service was suitable. Go to and Sign Up. Complete the details required to create an account. When it asks you to create your Email Account name, choose something appropriate (e.g. With a name like that you can easily change the 1 to a 2 (i.e., 3, 4 or however many you need... and you will need a few.

Once you have created your accounts, sign in and click on 'Mail Options'. Then go to Filters.

Click on "Add". In new page "Add Message Filter" create a filter (name it for example Safelists) which deletes (deliver to trash) all incoming mail which does not contain word 'aaaaaa'  in the subject. Do not forget to click on Add Filter button at the bottom of the page.

After you do this, all emails which come without word 'aaaaaa' in the subject will be automatically moved to trash folder. This example was done with service, but you can use any other mail service with deletion filter, steps will be very similar.

During the registration to the new safelists process you need temporary to disable the filter. After you get verification requests and verified your membership (because you'll need to confirm your account with each safelist before you're allowed to post to it), unable the filter again. Don't forget to check each mail account regularly to ensure that emails are being deleted.

One of the most important aspects of safelists is to have a very catchy subject line, so you can attract people's attention! Experiment with your subject headings. Try one for a couple of weeks and if it's not working, change it.

The email itself should be short and also catchy. Don't try to include all of the information about Q100 in the email as it will get too long. Give your readers enough information to get them interested and then give them your link. The link should be to your main site referral link.

There are three main methods for posting to safelists.

The first is to use an Autosafelist submitter. This method takes a lot to set up for the first time. However, once you've set it up, all you need to do is run it at the same time every day and it posts to all of your safelists for you. You can find free Autosafelist submitters all over the web. The easiest one we've found is snazzy safelist submitter.

The second is to use a Web-based safelist submitter. There are many sites that offer to send your ad to multiple safelists for free or for a small fee. These can be useful to send out your ad regularly or just once.

You can find easy, safe and automatic safelist submitters and other traffic building programs here.

The third method is to do the work manually for a few minutes each day. We'll be focusing on working with the third option.

Organization is important! You will find a list of Free safelists by clicking here. Choose a safelist from those listed by clicking on it and it will open in a new window. Read the details and if you like them, join by filling in your information.

Some sites will ask for a contact email address and a subscription email address. The subscription email address is where the safelist emails will go so be sure to use one of your email addresses with deletion filter in that space on the form. If only one email address is asked for, use one of your email addresses with deletion filter.

Be sure to record your username, password and the email address you used when you join the safelist. We recommend that you use a small indexed notebook to record all of these details for easy retrieval later. Recording these details on paper means you will still have them even if something happens to your computer.

When signing up for these safelists, try to use the same Username and Password. It makes it much easier to remember, and much harder to forget.

Remember, do not sign up to more than 50 safelists with any one email address. Use different addresses if you are signing up for more than 50.

You will need to confirm your account for each safelist you join. To do this, log in to the relevant email address, read the email and follow the confirmation directions. Remember, we set up your email Inboxes to ensure that validation emails would not be automatically deleted.

Now it's time to put the puzzle together. As you confirm each new safelist account, read the details of how often you can post to the Safelist.

If you can post weekly, choose a day of the week for posting to that safelist. Make sure you spread the load across the week if you are using a lot of safelists. Let's say that for this weekly safelist, you choose Friday.

We're now going to save this list into your favorites for easy access. Go to the login page and save the page to your favorites as Friday1.

To do this in Internet Explorer, click on 'Favorites' and then click 'Add to Favorites'. If this is your first safelist to be saved, we recommend that you click on 'New Folder' and create a folder called 'Safelists'. After doing that go to where it says 'Name', highlight it and type 'Friday1'. Click 'Okay'. If it is not the first safelist to be saved to favorites, remember to click the folder 'Safelists' before typing in the new name and clicking 'Okay'. This will keep all of your safelists neatly together.

The next safelist that you choose for Friday posting would be called 'Friday2' and so on. Some safelists let you post more than once a week. If a safelist allows you to post twice a week, choose a name like 'WednesdaySunday1' and so on. If the safelist lets you post daily, call it 'All1' and so on.

If you've followed the steps to now, you should be ready to begin posting Open a 'Notepad' File. To do this in Windows, click 'Start', 'Programs', 'Accessories', 'Notepad'. Type your ad into it (or copy and paste it from a site) and then save it. Call it something like 'Safelist Ad' and you might even like to save it to your desktop to get it easily. Whatever you do, save it where you will find it later.

We recommend that you use Crazy Browser to speed up your daily posting. You can download it from here

Once you've downloaded and installed Crazy Browser, open it up. Now, have Crazy Browser open your favorites file, the address to open is c:\windows\favorites\Safelists\. Now, all your safelists will be there as little icons. Highlight 5 or 10 of them and drag them up to the open tab. This will open them all in the window.

Now, log in to each safelist, paste the ad from your 'Notepad' into the message posting area and you're on your way! Do this for all safelists that you can post to for that day. The way you've set up your safelists will make it easy to see which ones you should be posting to on that day. If it's Tuesday, just select all of the ones with 'Tuesday' in the name. You can sort them by name and all the tuesday will be together.

Happy Posting!